Zookbook - flush album

The Fed Ex Lady brought me my Zookbook today! It is so beautiful!

It is 11x14 with the brushed leather cover, cameo cuttout and Branded Imprint

(there are a ton of cover materials and color options as well as cameo sizes and imprinting can be foiled or branded).

There are 20 pages (40 sides) and are a hard board with photos adhered (and laminated for protection) to the board.
This is an example of a Flush Mount Album.

It has a very thin gutter in the middle so there is no damage to the photographs while you turn the pages.
This book can be made in a wide variety of sizes and like always the magazine style layout is always approved by the client before sending to print.

This is a great album for Weddings, Babies and Seniors!

Check it out at our next consultation.

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