Last night we had tickets to the MN Wild vs Calgary Flames.

I hadn't ever been to a real pro hockey game, just minor league games back in the QC.
The Wild did win 3-1. And I did have a good time.
Seconds before the WIld's first goal I was futzing with my camera for the right setting and Chris says to me "your gonna miss a goal if you keep futzing with your camera" and he was right. But I got 2 shots of Roision's (?) goal a little bit later.

The X is an awesome arena. We had seats in 1st row the second level (which is misleading since it is the top level - 3 or 4). So when we walked down to our seats it was a very verticle incline. It was kinda freaky.

We got each got a free souvenier puck on the way out the doors. I really wanted to skip it down the streets there in DT Saint Paul, but I figured I would either hit someone with it and hurt them or that it wouldn't really be all that cool.
When walking to our car (which wans't parked in the huge ramps cause they are a PITA to get out of!) Chris asked "so what do you like better: hockey or baseball"
me before he is done with his question "baseball"
him "that was fast!"

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