The Weekend - a wordy post

Had a pretty fun weekend. Aside from a rude no-show no-call potential client appt. on Sat.
Vistited a potential studio space that was AWESOME!
Chris and I actually had a date on Saturday! A client of his at work - Joe Flieshman - gave him 2 tickets to MNJazz Big Band Concert at Hopkins HS. Peter Erskine - drummer/composter was the big draw. It was a great show, however we were definately some of the youngest people there. I ran into Jim Tenbestel, who performed with his band the Mouldy Figs at a wedding we did last June. After the show we went to Pizza Luce on Lyndale and we each got the Chickenless Dijon Hoagie (now called Mock Chicken Dijon or something- but we go way back).
Sunday we went to the MOA (after taking a walk to get donuts at Mello-Glaze = all together now ala Homer "mmm donuts").
I know lots of locals don't like the MOA, but it is so close to us that I go there often (when I go to a mall - not that often). By now I know where to park and pretty much know how to get to the store I like. Chris made me buy a suit (he feels cheated when he has to wear a suit to a wedding and I just have a cute outfit on). The suit is pretty cute, Ann Taylor, charchol and pink, skirt and jacket. I will someday impress somebody when I wear it. HAHA. At the mall we of coarse went to the Mac Store! We finally got a FM transmitter for the ipod.
Yesterday was a pretty fun Monday. Got to shoot Joey's 9 mo baby photos from his first year shoot.
Have a good week ahead and a lot of photos to post once they are all processed. Also expecting the Zook Book tommorow from the Fed Ex guy.

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