U of M Housing Shoot

We recently did a shoot for the UofM housing Dept. It was so fun, the students were up for anything.


Drew and Cole

Drew's Big 3rd Birthday - the photo session with family:

Joey is 2!

I can hardly believe Joey is 2! Exploring, riding his trike, batting and throwing, and running everywhere!


NE Parade

These are just a few from the many many images I shot during the festivities and parade in NE Mpls. Everyone there was very excited for this local parade. It was a blast to be involved with, but it was kinda wierd when I found myself directly infront of my sponsorship banner during the parade. "Hey that's me!"

It looks as if I may be on the public access airing of the parade...probably a few times.

Some chamber folks hanging out and working the parade.

One of my favoite shots from the moving golf cart with the fish eye lense. Don't worry, I wasn't driving!

The 49er Friendly Fridley Royalty for my friend Zoe.