Sometimes I get up REALLY early on the weekends and help my cousin Matt (Minnefota Moments) photograph triathlons (and other races). His Brother Randy is the organizer (FrontRunner Events).
They are so inspiring, many ages and sizes compete. The St. Paul Tri was my first one of the year.


Baby Hannah

Appropriately, this was my final portrait shoot before having Cal. It was so wonderful to photograph her while anticipating the birth of my own. 

her doting brothers...

2 rowdy 5 year olds.


Playing in The Sculpture Garden

Miss Sarah had a birthday, little bro was the perfect accessory for her photo shoot.
Little Girls just love horses!


Black Water Lodge - Longville, MN

upstairs living room

kitchen & sun room

an ipad controls the speaker system and tvs through out house

 master bedroom with private deck

walk through slate shower

downstairs living room

wine room

bunk room