Miles Mendenhall's Gallery Opening

Miles' Gallery Opening for his show "$elf Portraits and Bent Wooden Swords", was a huge success. With aprox. 150 people coming in to check out his brilliant work, it will be hard to top this one! But we will try! Thanks to Miles and all of his supporters for such a great evening!


Now on the Brown Wall at Argente Photographie - November

So, You may know by now we are helping promote local artists with our large wall space at the studio.
This month, on the Brown Wall, is Miles Mendenhall and his work entitled:
"$elf Portraits and Bent Wooden Swords"
His work will be hung during the month of November
The opening is November 2nd from 6-9 pm.
This is gonna be a big one so you better be there or you're gonna miss out!