Twins Luncheon

We photographed the Welcom Home Twins Luncheon on Tuesday,
I really liked the projections and video stuff utilized.
I also really liked seeing the Twins. Now I have a face to those names I wasn't sure who they were.
These are my favorite shots


Tina & Blaine

I photographed Tina & Blaine's engagment session last Thursday. It was an increadible day and we were inside and outside of Como Conservatory. I knew they would be great infront of the camera. I am really looking forward to their wedding in August at Lutsen Resort.


Check it out

Another Check out my stuff post.
The Wedding Guide has a new feature - "The 5 spot". The 5 spot features photographers for the next few months. I am quoted about the best time of day to use for outdoor photos. I have a direct link to my site on the page as well.
The last one they did on DJs they had one of my photos on the top of the page.
Thanks MPLS StPaul Wedding Guide!!


Twins Luncheon Tommorow

I am so excited. Tommorow we are photographing the Welcome Home Twins Luncheon.
This event is hosted by the MPLS and StP Chambers of Commerce.
I hope if I meet some Twins Players I don't act like a moron!
I will definately post some pics from it!

The Weekend over once again

Nice and warm weekend.
Friday was the perfect day for grilling out. We had Brooke & Jay over. We cooked veggie kababs, steak, pork, hotdogs and the amish friendship bread (it worked and it was good). Then we all just sat around the chimera and drank and laughed.
Saturday was so nice we worked out in the yard all day. Our nieghbor helped Chris till the veggie garden while I weeded and moved bricks around. That night we babysat our niece while my brother and his wife went to the Twins vs Yankee game.

She had an Easter Basket that she would put on her head. Now she is officially Buckethead and requests Chris to sing the No Means No song "Wigly Worm".
Sunday we tried to go to Gertens, but it wasn't open when we went. We tried to go on a walk but it was threatening rain. We ended up just cleaning the house - Blah, and planned for the big move.
Earlier this week my friends talked me into getting an account on myspace. Check me out there too.

Mary Jo & Bill's Wedding this Saturday!

Mary Jo and Bill are getting married this Saturday!
Full of great ideas for thier day!
These are a few of the E-shoot we did back in November.


Argente Photo at the Bridal Spectacular

This is from a recent MPLS St. Paul Magazine (3/06). We were a featured vendor at the Bridal Spectacular Jan 8, 2006 at The Depot DT MPLS. I am really the one on the right side of the photo, not the left like the caption claims. Not the best shot to capture our display - but hey I wasn't the photographer.

Another Weekend Over

What a beautiful weekend!
Friday night we had a great trip to Home Depot! WOW exciting! We haven't been there in a while since we finished the living room project.
Saturday - I met with Jess & Mike. They live in OH and are getting married back here in Brooklyn Park on May 6th. I hadn't met them before and was excited to hear what they had in mind for their wedding day. I am excited to shoot thier wedding, it is approaching fast! Instead of engagment photos I will shoot for a little while at thier grooms diner. After working I went home and cleaned up the yard. There is green stuff popping up everywhere! I am so excited for spring! I think I will try to get some lettuce and spinach into the veggie garden ASAP. Then we went over to our friend's apartment and BBQ-d with some them. After that we went to Big V's in Saint Paul (University and Snelling) for a show. Zabby has a record label and had a couple of his bands playing. The Brokedowns are from Chicago. Chris helped Zabby put together their latest release (Zabby screen printed it and I think had the CD's pressed - or whatever they do to make audio CDs). If you have a chance to see them or if you come across the CD somewhere - buy it! Each cover is hand printed. It has origianll artwork all over it and great liner notes as well as kick ass music. I had heard the album and met a couple of the guys before but never had seen them live. They were great!! They have a show at Triple Rock in June, I hope we can make it. I thought they sounded like they were influenced by D4 - pop punk with something to say - Great sound and nice guys. The other band was Falcon Crest (not sure if I spelled it right). We left during their set, Chris could tell I wasn't into them and it was late. Not that they aren't a good band or anything - Chris likes them - but a little HC for me that night. Chris helped with that record too - consulting and printing the sleve for the 7 inch. Find out more about both of them at
Sunday I met with Caryn, Jordan and Caryn's parents out at Edinburgh. They are getting married May 19th. Should be really cool. They were great to photograph for thier engagment shots. I look forward to the beautiful evening cememony. Found out that Instant Request is their DJ. Putting my request in for Rick to be there! Instant Request Rocks! After working again I got home and didn't do much after that. Pretty Lazy after the non-stop day late night out from Saturday. My neighbor's gave me some Amish Friendship Bread I promise I will really try to make this time. One more totall free weekend left.

MSP Wedding Guide Featured Photos

We had 8 photos used for the Minneapolis Saint Paul Wedding Guides issue released in November of 2005. The color photos on the black and white pages are ours. You can also view our full page add in the photographers section. We also have one image in the Linen Effects ad.

Tear Sheets - March Biz Briefings

In January I photographed a Member Celebration for the Chamber of Commerce. There were some local celebrities and goverment officials there. Joe, our Financial Advisor and Client for a May Wedding, is in the top middle photo shaking Roy Smalley's hand.
In Feburary I photographed a debate for Good Morning MPLS and Saint Paul. The Mayors got together at Windows on MN on the 50th Floor of the IDS Center and spoke to business leaders about how MPLS and Saint Paul will work together to creat a better Twin Cities.
Photo credit was overlooked in this issue kinda a bummer, but they apologized and I forgave them.

Tear Sheets - Jan/Feb Biz Briefings

These are from the Jan/Feb Business Briefings.
In November I photographed a MPLS Mayoral Debate between RT Rybek and Commissioner Peter McLaughlin at the DT Radisson.
In December I photographed the Keystone Awards for the Chamber at the DT MPLS Hilton. It was an awards/recognition ceremony for the businesses that contribute to thier communities in MN.

Tear Sheet - April Biz Briefing

This is the April Issue of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce's "Business Briefings'.
Chris and I photographed their Winter Gala.


Midtown Exchange

Tuesday I went to the Midtown Exchange on Lake Street in MPLS. I got an exclusive tour, through the Chamber of Commerce, of the Global Market still under construction. We were treated to a breakfast from Lorenzo - owner of Salsa a la Salsa. The grand Opening is June 3, 2006. It is going to be so awesome! You will get to have a "taste of MN" every day of the year from now own. It will be open 7 days a week with small market stands from food -local meats (including bison & seafood), fresh produce, jewelry, newstands, flowers, gifts, and more great food. There will be actual restaurants as well as more of a "food court" type thing. The food vendors are so varied - Indian, Korean, Latino, Sweedish, Italian, America and more!
I really like the concept of the Midtown Exchange. It is based of the concept of community markets - like those in Seattle and Vancouver, we've visited ones in Toronto and New Orleans. It used existing infastructure and is promoting a diverse local economy and community. I hope it really is embraced by the whole metro and I think it could be great for tourism on Lake Street. Vitality in the City!! What a concept!

Trying to pack everything in to the weekends before the Wedding Season

Now that it is spring we realize our free time on the weekends will be sparce.
Because of that we have been trying to pack in fun time before it is too late.
Friday we were able to go out to dinner (seems like we consistenly are dining out on the weekends) with some friends
We went to a neighborhood place that we have been fond of since moving to the area.
Joey D's (42nd Street and 32nd Ave I think).
It is a Chicago style deli, they actually go to Chicago for thier hot dog buns. The "hot dog" menu is extensive (lacking a veggie dog however, I would like to change that if possible) as well as a nice assortment of naughty fried foods. They also have pizza (not the thick chicago style crust however). We almost always get the pineapple and sport pepper pizza - fondly named for us by the manager the "sweet and spicy". I know we have weird taste! The purpose of this trip was so that our friend's baby Joey D could visit his namesake restaurant. He seemed to enjoy himself with the pizza.

April Fools day, we didn't fool anyone. We might have tried to fool the cat - but that is a daily occurance.
We have started packing stuff for our move to the studio. This is a big project since 1/3 of our attic has been overtaken by my "art stuff" and thousands of pictures to sort through (I am sooooo happy I am digital now). At night we met some friends at a friends bar - "The Foundry" in Saint Paul off of 35E and Maryland.

We are going to try and support him more during his trasition with the smoking ban - Roseville is very close to him. We love the smoking ban for our personal heath and scent but the only good solution to this issua - especially for small businesses like The Foundry - is a State Wide Ban.
Common MN be progressive like you used to proudly claim you were!!!
And Sunday. More sorting of the art stuff and general cleaning of the house. Made some enchilladas for us for dinner with Troy, Amy & Lindsay. My parents are in IL, I think they may have experience some severe weather on Sunday. The middle of cornfields are great places for Tornados.

Very Sad Post

I found a link to this on my pictage forums.
It is a beautiful story of true love and a fabulous reminder to not take your days with loved ones for granite.
For the "cries easily" viewers have some kleenex nearby.
I haven't figured out how to put an actual link in the text yet so just copy and past the following info into the browser.