Lisa's Wedding Album

Yesterday I worked on Lisa's album.
I still need to glue down the "bouquet of crystals" and the crystal edging.
Black silk fabric, red ribbon, black silk ribbon,

red inside cover paper (I should know what kind but I don't right now), black linen interior pages.

The brooch is from the bridesmaids dresses and the crystals are from her mother, they were included in her bouqet.

Amy & Dre's Signature Matte - Framed

Amy & Dre had a signature matte, around one of the engagment images, for thier guest book at their wedding.
It is an 8x10 photo with a 16x20 frame and matte.
It is complete and ready for them to hang.
I love Dre's daughter's big message in the heart below the photo. I think it is very well balanced and interesting within all of the other signatures. I watched her (probably even photographed her) draw the heart long after she had added her message -nice addition.

Jill & Joe's Wedding Album

Jill's wedding album is finally complete. After the disapointing realization I would need to remake the original, It turns out I like the second one better - it is a cleaner look. Not that bad of a issue since now I have one for a studio display.

The spine turned out very well, I used a double ribbon with the binding and I love the way the vellum interupts the black interior pages.

While creating this book I kept in mind color and texture while designing it based on the gerbera daisies from the bridesmaids bouquets.

this image is out of order 1) photo with vellum oppoiste, 2) vellum over photo, 3) vellum page turning

This book took a lot of planning of layout and size of the images - they are all individual prints instead of the magazine style layout.

It will be hard to give this one up, it is wonderful to hold.


Ricq & Melanie's Wedding is online

Today I finished posting Ricq and Melanie's wedding on Pictage.
Soon their friends and family will be able to view them.
It was a small candle lit ceremony at Como Conservatory March 11th.
The crowd was small but great to work with.
We had a fabulous time photographing it - it was very unique and personal!
Hope their Honeymoon in Mexico was awesome!


Sunday - Silly Lindsay

Sunday was a busy day as well. We have a few new products in mind to offer our clients. We went shopping for those supplies to get started on the trials of these techniques. Some more art infused into the repitoire will be good to balance out all the computer work.
After that we met with the photographers that are in the space that we will soon be a part of. May 1st we will move into our new space. A little over 800 sq ft of artist space with a gallery that I will be able to have a few peices in. We will be in the Lyn-Lake area - an easy space for people to find and a great area for us to work in. I am excited to get in.
Also on Sunday we made it over to Troy and Amy's for Tivo-d LOST. We are only one episode behind now. I think I liked the 1st season better but I still enjoy it. Soon we will be watching LOST in real time (if only Veronica Mars was on at a different time) and watching this season of the Sopranos Tivo-d. They made us dinner - a request from Chris for the salt packed fish was on the menu, as well as pasta, salad, bread and we supplied the cookies. Our trips to Troy and Amy's is always good for Amy cause she get a little time for herself while I entertain Lindsay. Lindsay seems to really like my camera. She asks me "Picture? Take it? Picture Lindsay? Take it?" And she loves photos so we brought her very own picture of her favorite cat - Rusty.

Saturday - Cole's Baptism

Had a very busy weekend.
Friday we went to dinner at Pepitos with my in laws. Of course we both got the usual - combination plate.
Saturday I met with Mary Jo & Bill for our onsite consultation. They are getting married 4/22 at Holy Childhood and the University Club DT SP. They have a trolly and we are hoping to go to Como between events. It sounds so fun, I am really excited. We met at thier church and then went to a really cute coffee shop across the street, something like Train Stop Cafe.
After that we had Cole's Baptism. This took place at Lord of Life Luthern in Maple Grove. Cole didn't cry but his big brother did when he stuck his hand in the baptismal pool while I was taking photos. Guess it wasn't quite what Drew was expecting.
The baptism is currently available on pictage.


I wanted to take more during the church service, Cole had just been fed and looked really cute and happy, but Chris told me to stop and pay attention to the service.


Ricq & Melanie's Flowers

I am almost done editing a wedding from 2 weeks ago. Hope to post it on Pictage beginning of next week.
They chose a great florist Pazzobello (1910 Hennepin Ave S MPLS).
Here are some some shots of the flowers.

There was a frog hidden in the bride's bouquet.

The bride's daughter had a purse bouquet.


Joey 9 months

Joey is being uploaded to Pictage as I type.
He is a cutie!
Here is a taste.


Zookbook - flush album

The Fed Ex Lady brought me my Zookbook today! It is so beautiful!

It is 11x14 with the brushed leather cover, cameo cuttout and Branded Imprint

(there are a ton of cover materials and color options as well as cameo sizes and imprinting can be foiled or branded).

There are 20 pages (40 sides) and are a hard board with photos adhered (and laminated for protection) to the board.
This is an example of a Flush Mount Album.

It has a very thin gutter in the middle so there is no damage to the photographs while you turn the pages.
This book can be made in a wide variety of sizes and like always the magazine style layout is always approved by the client before sending to print.

This is a great album for Weddings, Babies and Seniors!

Check it out at our next consultation.


Last night we had tickets to the MN Wild vs Calgary Flames.

I hadn't ever been to a real pro hockey game, just minor league games back in the QC.
The Wild did win 3-1. And I did have a good time.
Seconds before the WIld's first goal I was futzing with my camera for the right setting and Chris says to me "your gonna miss a goal if you keep futzing with your camera" and he was right. But I got 2 shots of Roision's (?) goal a little bit later.

The X is an awesome arena. We had seats in 1st row the second level (which is misleading since it is the top level - 3 or 4). So when we walked down to our seats it was a very verticle incline. It was kinda freaky.

We got each got a free souvenier puck on the way out the doors. I really wanted to skip it down the streets there in DT Saint Paul, but I figured I would either hit someone with it and hurt them or that it wouldn't really be all that cool.
When walking to our car (which wans't parked in the huge ramps cause they are a PITA to get out of!) Chris asked "so what do you like better: hockey or baseball"
me before he is done with his question "baseball"
him "that was fast!"


Handmade albums

Bringing this book in the middle to Cedarhurst Mansion today.
If you consider Cedarhurst for your wedding or special event check out the two books I will have there.
This is a fabulous venue in the metro. It transports you to another place and time.
Cedarhurst is an 12x15 size book with a paper cover and a photo adhered to front with 11x14 magazine style layout images.
Jill's (left) is a 9x9 size book with a cameo cutout and a fabric cover (very soft microfiber-nice to hold), with individual prints varying from wallets to 5x7 size.
Karin's (right) is a 12x12 size with the 10x10 magazine style images, the rest is described in a previous post.

The Weekend - a wordy post

Had a pretty fun weekend. Aside from a rude no-show no-call potential client appt. on Sat.
Vistited a potential studio space that was AWESOME!
Chris and I actually had a date on Saturday! A client of his at work - Joe Flieshman - gave him 2 tickets to MNJazz Big Band Concert at Hopkins HS. Peter Erskine - drummer/composter was the big draw. It was a great show, however we were definately some of the youngest people there. I ran into Jim Tenbestel, who performed with his band the Mouldy Figs at a wedding we did last June. After the show we went to Pizza Luce on Lyndale and we each got the Chickenless Dijon Hoagie (now called Mock Chicken Dijon or something- but we go way back).
Sunday we went to the MOA (after taking a walk to get donuts at Mello-Glaze = all together now ala Homer "mmm donuts").
I know lots of locals don't like the MOA, but it is so close to us that I go there often (when I go to a mall - not that often). By now I know where to park and pretty much know how to get to the store I like. Chris made me buy a suit (he feels cheated when he has to wear a suit to a wedding and I just have a cute outfit on). The suit is pretty cute, Ann Taylor, charchol and pink, skirt and jacket. I will someday impress somebody when I wear it. HAHA. At the mall we of coarse went to the Mac Store! We finally got a FM transmitter for the ipod.
Yesterday was a pretty fun Monday. Got to shoot Joey's 9 mo baby photos from his first year shoot.
Have a good week ahead and a lot of photos to post once they are all processed. Also expecting the Zook Book tommorow from the Fed Ex guy.


Asuka Book - Coffee Table Style Album

I have always had a specific idea of what a coffee table book is. Being an Art Major through out college I have a good collection of coffee table books. I am now offering the Auska Book - the hottest coffee table album out there!
It is a hard cover with soft interior pages.

A outer jacket matches the cover

and is contained in a red slip case customized with a foil imprint.

There is a classy vellum slip sheet at the front of each book.

The pages are protected with a glossy laminate finish - very durable and slick

A customized magazine layout is proofed by the client before it is sent to print.
These are great albums to showcase Weddings, Baby's first year and Special Events.
View it in person at your next consultation.