Sunday - Silly Lindsay

Sunday was a busy day as well. We have a few new products in mind to offer our clients. We went shopping for those supplies to get started on the trials of these techniques. Some more art infused into the repitoire will be good to balance out all the computer work.
After that we met with the photographers that are in the space that we will soon be a part of. May 1st we will move into our new space. A little over 800 sq ft of artist space with a gallery that I will be able to have a few peices in. We will be in the Lyn-Lake area - an easy space for people to find and a great area for us to work in. I am excited to get in.
Also on Sunday we made it over to Troy and Amy's for Tivo-d LOST. We are only one episode behind now. I think I liked the 1st season better but I still enjoy it. Soon we will be watching LOST in real time (if only Veronica Mars was on at a different time) and watching this season of the Sopranos Tivo-d. They made us dinner - a request from Chris for the salt packed fish was on the menu, as well as pasta, salad, bread and we supplied the cookies. Our trips to Troy and Amy's is always good for Amy cause she get a little time for herself while I entertain Lindsay. Lindsay seems to really like my camera. She asks me "Picture? Take it? Picture Lindsay? Take it?" And she loves photos so we brought her very own picture of her favorite cat - Rusty.

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