President's Day Food Shoot at Carol's Restaurant

Yesterday at 5 am (yes 5 am to all of you who know us well!) we woke up to head out to Blaine.  We photographed this amazing food, labeled as American Gourmet,  at Carol's Restaurant.  It is located at 11888 Aberdeen St. in Blaine - just off of HWY 65.  Every dish that Carol and her staff brought to us to photograph was homemade. From their sauces, to deserts, to the carmel rolls, pounded country fried steak, pickles AND french fries.  The perks of photographing food, despite eating earlier than we probably are even out of bed!!!, is that we were lucky to try almost all of the breakfast dishes, after that there was no fitting any lunch or diner in.  I got to try the asparagus omelet and hashbrowns (hand cut!), the oven baked oatmeal, and the french toast - gosh was there more? it certainly seems like there was...Chris had the Sausage Scrambler (biscut and gravy style), he had the country fried steak & eggs and probably more. We both had a latte, made from imported italian beans.  I could go on and on about how yummy the food is! But you can see for yourself from our work.  You really need to try it for yourself, I highly doubt you will be disapointed, maybe just overly full!


Grace and Gregg

Grace and Gregg are my favorite clients who have been married in 2008. :)
I met Grace when I started seeing Dr. Mike Bawek (Normandale Chiropractic), she welcomed me each day I visited while being treated for being hit by a car...:(
We did a fun Engagment session in Loring Park in the Fall, then at Woodbury Central Park they were married at the end of January.
They gave me so many wonderful things to photograph that day! There are many...MANY photos here to post!

Their first meeting

my favorite couple shot
her awesome shoes

The wedding party - what great color!
The ceremony - the sister's cry while one of Grace's Brothers does part of the ceremony.
cool one of Gregg
Their Fabulous Flowers
Colorful cake - by Queen of Cakes
place cards, gift bags to be filled with numerous candies that were the centerpieces. Again with the colors that just pop!
some brothers cooperating and sharing the candy

lights really added a lot here to the drapery -so dramatic and photo friendly!

Congrats guys! What an awesome evening - we were honored to capture it for you!


Reier Thorston Skarning

We had the greaet pleasure of photographing Reier last weekend at home. Going into it I knew he was going to be a cutey - having Daisy & Cody for parents - but I underestimated how adorable he really is!

Fresh Start Remodelling

Last week we went out and shot a bathroom for Fresh Start Remodelling (Todd & Eric Hansen)


From what I understand they did everything from reconfiguring the walls & doorway, to the tub, sink, tile, marble floor, hallway hard wood floor repair, glass block, electrical & plumbing (guys am I missing anything?!)


A question...

Hey blog readers! Here in MN it gets cold, and we are inside on our computers more...a lot more! Today I am wondering if you all have some favorite blogs (photography related or not).
I would love to see what you check in on occasionally. Leave your fav blogs as a comment here.
Here is an update on Frosty...once seen hanging in a tree on our holiday card from last year, he has found himself back on the ground this year, safely by the house (in our Nokomis hood).