Michael & Jessica's Handmade Album Materials

Chris and I are working on a custom hand made album currently for Michael and Jessica. We will post the finished product with some of my favorite spreads when it is all complete. These are the materials I am planning on using so far.
I don't think my p&s camera does the colors justice here. I would call the red a cranberry red with a light sheen, not as high as satin. The cream fabric for the inside does have a higher sheen. The ribbon I think is the most robbed here, it is a very nice rich buttery yellow color. There are three brooches I picked out and I think my favorite, because of the intended design of the book is the longer skinny one with the orange inset stones. My second fav is the lighter one, but it definatley has some wear to it since it is an "antique", or at least previously owned - since I don't know the technical definition of "antique".

I am thinking of a covered spine with the horizontal double ribbon like this book. I still need to get the orange ribbon I would like to have as the top accent to pull in the brooch.

Chris is printing inside pages.
I can't wait to get the finished product all done. It is going to be awesome!

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