B2B Group Event - Appropriately the subject was Blogging

Sue Ginsberg of GrowthLynx asked me to photograph her B2B Group's event 
held at SALO on Wednesday.
The B2B group is a Business to Business Networking 
group through the MPLS Chamber of Commerce.
I wish I could have listened more as I photographed, the speaker Steve Borsch was very interesting. The topic was "Your Stake in the Ground: The Ins and Outs of Effective Blog Marketing". I picked up a few blog sites and tools to use. One thing I remember he said is that he doesn't mind spelling errors. :)
There were many more nice photos of many of the people in attendance, these are mostly people I know and have worked with on projects or committees.
Roger Halverson of Matrix Resources

McKaela Grasmick of Express Personell Services

Hot Coffee

1 comment:

Steve Borsch said...

Nice photos and a fun subject...except when I look in the mirror I see a 30 year old marathon runner...who was that guy!?!

Nice pictures and what a great group...honored to be in front of you and the other folks.