Everybody is Going Green

Seems like nowadays everyone is promoting their "greenness". Not as in newness to your profession but enviornmentally
friendly-ness. Which is great!, but why has it taken so long for the media to start to recognize the significance of earth friendly things? Did someone finally give them the green light to start to talk about this?
Chris and I have been pretty earth friendly for a while and are always looking for new ways to be more so. But, we might as well jump on the bandwagon and proclaim our greenness to the world (or whoever reads the blog). Hopefully these green posts will be a little more thorough in posts to come (with photos and maybe even facts I drum up).
But our most recent way of being green is
walking to work.
We have shortened our commute from a 15 min drive each way to a 5-8 minute (depending on icy-ness of the sidewalks) walk from our home to our neighborhood business.
I know not everyone can do this, but maybe just living a little closer to where you work, or taking advantage of public transportation (hey! you can get a ton of reading done while someone else drives!), or utelizing your legs & feet would be a big improvement in not only your quality of life, but everyone elses.
There is my PSA for the day, and another post for the week (in my quest for posting 5x a week!).
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