Art and Such...

Last Thursday we went out with some friends of ours who are also artists.
is a graphic designer by day, and multi medium artist by...well by day and by night. He will  be one of the artists in our upcoming group show with a few of his new pieces. He is always creating something new, so I am excited to see what he will bring us.
and Courtney
who is a musician.  She is part of a string trio that plays events and weddings. If you need a fabulous unique trio, Email her!

We all went out on an cheap double date night. Our first stop was the Northrup King Building for First Thursday.  A great event to wander through artist studios and see what they are up to. 

 Riverview Wine Bar
Our next stop was the Riverview Wine Bar where we split some pizzas and the spread sampler (too much garlic in that bean dip!). They had a tremendous beer & wine selection and their food is organic and local.  Next door at the coffee shop had an open mic night, but has a ton of musicians through out the week on thier mocha music calendar

"What did you say about your upcoming art show?" you ask.
Good Question! If you want a cheap date night - and the opportunity to buy cool local art - stop on by the weekend of March 28, 29 and 30th.  Friday night will be the cool artist opening reception  (like we used to do on Lyndale). The art will be up through the weekend.
Artists Matt Semke, William Hessian, Geoffrey Woodcock and Miles Mendenhall will all have prints and paintings up.  You can check out our stuff too, we have some new handmade albums and photo coasters, maybe more if time allows!


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