The Weekend over once again

Nice and warm weekend.
Friday was the perfect day for grilling out. We had Brooke & Jay over. We cooked veggie kababs, steak, pork, hotdogs and the amish friendship bread (it worked and it was good). Then we all just sat around the chimera and drank and laughed.
Saturday was so nice we worked out in the yard all day. Our nieghbor helped Chris till the veggie garden while I weeded and moved bricks around. That night we babysat our niece while my brother and his wife went to the Twins vs Yankee game.

She had an Easter Basket that she would put on her head. Now she is officially Buckethead and requests Chris to sing the No Means No song "Wigly Worm".
Sunday we tried to go to Gertens, but it wasn't open when we went. We tried to go on a walk but it was threatening rain. We ended up just cleaning the house - Blah, and planned for the big move.
Earlier this week my friends talked me into getting an account on myspace. Check me out there too.

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