Midtown Exchange

Tuesday I went to the Midtown Exchange on Lake Street in MPLS. I got an exclusive tour, through the Chamber of Commerce, of the Global Market still under construction. We were treated to a breakfast from Lorenzo - owner of Salsa a la Salsa. The grand Opening is June 3, 2006. It is going to be so awesome! You will get to have a "taste of MN" every day of the year from now own. It will be open 7 days a week with small market stands from food -local meats (including bison & seafood), fresh produce, jewelry, newstands, flowers, gifts, and more great food. There will be actual restaurants as well as more of a "food court" type thing. The food vendors are so varied - Indian, Korean, Latino, Sweedish, Italian, America and more!
I really like the concept of the Midtown Exchange. It is based of the concept of community markets - like those in Seattle and Vancouver, we've visited ones in Toronto and New Orleans. It used existing infastructure and is promoting a diverse local economy and community. I hope it really is embraced by the whole metro and I think it could be great for tourism on Lake Street. Vitality in the City!! What a concept!

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