Trying to pack everything in to the weekends before the Wedding Season

Now that it is spring we realize our free time on the weekends will be sparce.
Because of that we have been trying to pack in fun time before it is too late.
Friday we were able to go out to dinner (seems like we consistenly are dining out on the weekends) with some friends
We went to a neighborhood place that we have been fond of since moving to the area.
Joey D's (42nd Street and 32nd Ave I think).
It is a Chicago style deli, they actually go to Chicago for thier hot dog buns. The "hot dog" menu is extensive (lacking a veggie dog however, I would like to change that if possible) as well as a nice assortment of naughty fried foods. They also have pizza (not the thick chicago style crust however). We almost always get the pineapple and sport pepper pizza - fondly named for us by the manager the "sweet and spicy". I know we have weird taste! The purpose of this trip was so that our friend's baby Joey D could visit his namesake restaurant. He seemed to enjoy himself with the pizza.

April Fools day, we didn't fool anyone. We might have tried to fool the cat - but that is a daily occurance.
We have started packing stuff for our move to the studio. This is a big project since 1/3 of our attic has been overtaken by my "art stuff" and thousands of pictures to sort through (I am sooooo happy I am digital now). At night we met some friends at a friends bar - "The Foundry" in Saint Paul off of 35E and Maryland.

We are going to try and support him more during his trasition with the smoking ban - Roseville is very close to him. We love the smoking ban for our personal heath and scent but the only good solution to this issua - especially for small businesses like The Foundry - is a State Wide Ban.
Common MN be progressive like you used to proudly claim you were!!!
And Sunday. More sorting of the art stuff and general cleaning of the house. Made some enchilladas for us for dinner with Troy, Amy & Lindsay. My parents are in IL, I think they may have experience some severe weather on Sunday. The middle of cornfields are great places for Tornados.

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