Another Weekend Over

What a beautiful weekend!
Friday night we had a great trip to Home Depot! WOW exciting! We haven't been there in a while since we finished the living room project.
Saturday - I met with Jess & Mike. They live in OH and are getting married back here in Brooklyn Park on May 6th. I hadn't met them before and was excited to hear what they had in mind for their wedding day. I am excited to shoot thier wedding, it is approaching fast! Instead of engagment photos I will shoot for a little while at thier grooms diner. After working I went home and cleaned up the yard. There is green stuff popping up everywhere! I am so excited for spring! I think I will try to get some lettuce and spinach into the veggie garden ASAP. Then we went over to our friend's apartment and BBQ-d with some them. After that we went to Big V's in Saint Paul (University and Snelling) for a show. Zabby has a record label and had a couple of his bands playing. The Brokedowns are from Chicago. Chris helped Zabby put together their latest release (Zabby screen printed it and I think had the CD's pressed - or whatever they do to make audio CDs). If you have a chance to see them or if you come across the CD somewhere - buy it! Each cover is hand printed. It has origianll artwork all over it and great liner notes as well as kick ass music. I had heard the album and met a couple of the guys before but never had seen them live. They were great!! They have a show at Triple Rock in June, I hope we can make it. I thought they sounded like they were influenced by D4 - pop punk with something to say - Great sound and nice guys. The other band was Falcon Crest (not sure if I spelled it right). We left during their set, Chris could tell I wasn't into them and it was late. Not that they aren't a good band or anything - Chris likes them - but a little HC for me that night. Chris helped with that record too - consulting and printing the sleve for the 7 inch. Find out more about both of them at
Sunday I met with Caryn, Jordan and Caryn's parents out at Edinburgh. They are getting married May 19th. Should be really cool. They were great to photograph for thier engagment shots. I look forward to the beautiful evening cememony. Found out that Instant Request is their DJ. Putting my request in for Rick to be there! Instant Request Rocks! After working again I got home and didn't do much after that. Pretty Lazy after the non-stop day late night out from Saturday. My neighbor's gave me some Amish Friendship Bread I promise I will really try to make this time. One more totall free weekend left.

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