Tracy & Adam's Handmade Album

Tracy and Adam were married in 2002. We are putting together a handmade album for them that 4x6 photos will be adhered into. It is a 8x15, 56 side album with decorative papers as the cover materials. We utilized stamps and text (used on thier wedding day) into this album. It was a quite complicated process of layout and binding so it all read the right way. Now that we have the template of pages, the opportunities are endless as to what we will be able to create here in house. Whether it is adding photos to pages like this or actually printing our own magazine style layouts, our handmade albums now are going to be unbelievable (as if they weren't already!!!)!

Cameo Cut out and binding

Front Cover minus ribbon

Inside Cover paper

Inside - Between Folios

Inside detail of full spread page, the boxes are our guids as to where the photos will be placed

inside detail of text & stamp on a full spread

Inside layout of final spread
Not long now the next step - adding in the photos! :)

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Tracy said...

THIS IS SO COOL!! I am so in love wit the album already! I can't wait to see it in person!! :) Just in time for our 5-year anniversary!!