Crazy with our custom handmade albums

I've been on a roll lately with handmade albums. It is a long process to make these, and a lot of time, planning and thought go into each one. It is very hard to part with them but I know they go to a loving home.

This is a NEW offering in our handmade album line with the lace overlay.

Joe & Zoe's 12x12 DeLuxe Album with lace overlay, brooch and side ribbon.

Kim & Josh's 12x12 brooch cover with triple ribbon

Kim & Josh detail of ribbon on moleskin fabric.

Kim & Josh detail of inside paper

Jana & Brad's 12x12 cameo cut out album with double ribbon.

Literally as I type we are working on more handmade albums that are soooo increadible. I am excited for some new offerings to be unvieled very soon with new options for the inside pages.

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Tracy said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see ours!