Vegas Baby!

Well we had a long trip to Vegas. Mostly Biz, but we had some fun as well. WPPI convention at the beginning of the week, overloaded with info but Chris won an Asuka Book - the highlight of the convention for him. The end of the week was our Vegas Wedding at The Grove with Brooke & Jason. Totally great! We saw celebraties - Jay Leno and head Baywatch Lifegaurd/Knight Rider himself - David Hasselhoff (now in The Producers on the Strip). We had a lot of fun, but are still exhausted from the 7 night trip, late nights and a lot more food and drink than usual.
We stayed at Bally's but if I knew my Mom owned motels in DT I totally might have stayed there!

Chris and I at the Grooms Dinner at The Venetian (thanks to Hank for pushing the button).

Chris took this cool blurry photo while we waited for the Bellagio Water Show, very impressionistic.

Near...Far...My shot of the water show (sang in my best Celine voice).

Thank you Japenese Man for returning the photo favor infront of the Mirage Volcano.

My favorite Casinos I think were Ceasar's, The Mirage and the MGM Grand. I won $10 here and the Lion gave me a free drink (or maybe it was the coctail server) in any case this was the only place, that we found,that actually still took coin in the slot machines!

Bally's people movers, Hank, Erin & Chris on the way to Bill's to waste a little dough.

Chris chillin' at the Hoover Dam in his Brew Crew Sweat Shirt.

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