2007 Welcom Home Twins Luncheon

Upon return from Vegas we started the next day with the Welcome Home Twins Lucheon. I was so confused when the alarm was going off that morning, 1st I didn't know where I was then I thought I had to go to school (?! that has been a few years!!), then I finally remembered TWINS! So great to shoot it again for the MPLS Chamber. I made rounds to the tables with the "Big Names" although I missed Cuddy's table and somehow I ran into Mike Redmann while trying to photograph Jeff Cirilo (maybe he ran into me...who knows). Chris was there too, he got the shot of Joe Nathan's table, we should have asked him if he needed some baby photos!
The Twins are on a roll and hope they keep it up, they really seem like some down to earth guys. Happy to have Baseball season started and hoping the TWINS have another great season!

Held at the City Center Marriot DT MPLS

Johan kindly hands over an autographed baseball.

I always think of Joe when I am at Jimmy John's or Diavanni's, he should get some cash or free food for getting that in the national media! I think he was talking about his batting title here.

Justin laughs as he answers the question about last year's undershirt

Not quite sure what Cuddy is puzzled about, a magic trick that even has him stumped?

Torii won the centerpeice...

but Bartlett seems suspicious, even though it is clear Torii is holding the winning number. *not really sure why JB looks suspicious*

Joe Nathan and his table

Terry Ryan and Dick Bremmer

Gardy ribs Sidney Ponson on stage.

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