Grace and Gregg

Grace and Gregg are my favorite clients who have been married in 2008. :)
I met Grace when I started seeing Dr. Mike Bawek (Normandale Chiropractic), she welcomed me each day I visited while being treated for being hit by a car...:(
We did a fun Engagment session in Loring Park in the Fall, then at Woodbury Central Park they were married at the end of January.
They gave me so many wonderful things to photograph that day! There are many...MANY photos here to post!

Their first meeting

my favorite couple shot
her awesome shoes

The wedding party - what great color!
The ceremony - the sister's cry while one of Grace's Brothers does part of the ceremony.
cool one of Gregg
Their Fabulous Flowers
Colorful cake - by Queen of Cakes
place cards, gift bags to be filled with numerous candies that were the centerpieces. Again with the colors that just pop!
some brothers cooperating and sharing the candy

lights really added a lot here to the drapery -so dramatic and photo friendly!

Congrats guys! What an awesome evening - we were honored to capture it for you!

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