I was on TV!

Wow! We were watching some TV on Sunday evening when we came across TPT 17. They were airing the show that was taped at the Quality of Life Awards for the MPLS Regional Chamber of Commerce. Everytime they panned the crowd (obviosly there was only one direction they panned) there I was taking photos or trying to be invisible. Pretty exciting. I think one shot was specifically on me taking the award winners photo.
My only other TV time was when we were in Toronto, we accidentally caught that on TV as well. For those who don't know this silly story - We were walking around in the rain (being tourists) and were walking by Much Music (Canada's version of MTV). I was slightly oblivious to what was going on on the street while I was trying to look inside the building. I ended up walking right into an on the street interview with random people. I was that random person. They were trying to hook me up with some 16 year old boy...didn't even ask if I was married until the break...but they were going to do more interview with me until they found that out. During the break Chris came out from hiding in the corner (taping it on the p&s) and we politely declined to hang out inside with the the other teenagers watching videos. When they came back from the break the VJ and 16 year old kid said something like that they thought I was cool, but too bad I was married...
We actually were able to take a video on our cheap point and shoot of the TV when we caught my 15 min (more like 3) of fame in Toronto. Good thing we slept too late to make our continental breakfast that day or we never would have seen that.

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